05 Oct

Only a well-structured website is picked by a search engine and showcased in the result pages. There are many features that determine the SEO quality of a website. Every web design must have a strategy to follow so that the outcome is extremely constructive.

There are many reasons why web design must be given a proper thought.

  • User experience

This is the most important reason why website development needs exceptional planning. Users will not waste a second if the website is not organized well. The navigation must be smooth and hassle free. A user must not get lost in the complexity.

  • Simplest website design

A simple website design format makes it easier for the crawlers of the search engines to enter, read and then index the included content in each page. It will also aid your SEO ventures to boost the page rankings.

  • Prioritize pages and keywords

Categorizing web pages and keywords will also create a priority for the crawlers of the search engines.

Tips to create an SEO friendly web design

  • Site hierarchy

This is where a Website Design will have more important pages at the top, followed by the less important web pages at the bottom. It will not only aid the navigational features of a website, but will also make it easier for the crawlers to index the showcased content. The home page must be at the top as it is the landing page design. The rest will be decided by the web design agency.

  • URL matches the site structure 

The URL you have chosen for your website must match the hierarchy structure. The URL must show the categories and subcategories properly so that the search engines can find them, as well as, the users do not find any problem in navigating. For example, if a page is displaying a cotton casual shirt, the URL should be like this.

 This URL shows the ultimate way to break it into categories, subcategories, and product. This feature will pave the way for the crawlers get in and find out the content for indexing.

  • Lower depth

The website pages must have a shallow depth so that every page can be accessible within a few clicks. A shallow Website Design is ideal for good SEO technique implementation. Accessing any page within a few clicks relieves a user from the pain of going forward or backward to a specific address. This feature also aids the search engines to index the content and increase the page ranking.

  • Internal links

The above feature important for an SEO friendly web design, but it is hard to create such infrastructure when the website is larger in size. This is where internal links come in to the rescue. Including this feature into the web design will offer an exceptional way to navigate the site. The search engines consider internal links an exceptional character.

Final words

These 4 tips will help you to create an SEO compliant web site. Construct a perfect web design for your business’ online presence.


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